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How do you say Awesome in Chinese?

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What is the Chinese Translation of awesome?

awesome converted into Chinese is: "令人敬畏". You can say it like "Zhēn bàng". Here are some sentences using 令人敬畏.

How to use Awesome (Zhēn bàng) in a sentence:

  • What are 3 awesome destinations in Africa?
  • 非洲 3 令人敬畏的目标是什么? (Chinese translation)
  • The concert was awesome, you would not believe what happened.
  • 音乐会是令人敬畏,你不会相信发生了什么事。 (Chinese translation)
  • The circus performers were awesome, they did so many tricks.
  • 马戏团的演员是令人敬畏,他们做了这么多的技巧。 (Chinese translation)

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3 Translations

  1. Carlos on May 18, 2011 Reply

    Awesome in Chinese is 令人敬畏.

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  2. jamess on May 19, 2011 Reply

    I took a random English sentence and translated it to Chinese.
    'I am awesome!'

    "震憾 !"

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  3. Mackenzie Nellis on Sep 25, 2012 Reply

    If you want to say, like, “You’re awesome, dude!” you should say something like, “哥们儿,不错!” and kind of hold your thumb up, like you’re back in 1985 with Michael J. Fox.

    Some other ways:
    “棒!” “Awesome!”
    “你很棒!” “You’re really awesome!”
    “你太棒了。” “You’re totally awesome.”

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