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How do you say Awesome in German?

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What's the German Translation for awesome?

This translation is pretty simple. The right way to say awesome in German is: Prima. Here are a few ways to use this translation.

How to use Awesome in a sentence:

  • If you want to be awesome, you have to do awesome stuff.
  • Wenn Sie awesome werden möchten, müssen Sie tun, awesome Stuff. (German translation)
  • I am awesome!
  • Ich bin awesome! (German translation)
  • The circus performers were awesome, they did so many tricks.
  • Die Zirkusdarsteller waren awesome, sie haben so viele Tricks. (German translation)

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Alright, that's how you say awesome in German. Im taking German classes and these translations are from my notes. Would you say 'Prima' like that? If you see a mistake please give it a thumbs down and provide some new translations below.

2 Translations

  1. Kenny on May 06, 2011 Reply

    I bet there is another way to say Prima (awesome), but this is what I can remember.. Let's hear from the German speaking users.

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  2. Pauline Thurston on May 08, 2011 Reply

    i like the examples above but maybe this one can help you more.
    English: What are awesome destinations in Africa?
    German: Was sind awesome Destinationen in Afrika?

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