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Babelfish helps thousands of daily users with their translations. If you see a translation that you can help out with, please post your solution. Users can rate your answer with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’, and the best translations will rise to the top. Become a top rated Babelfish user to win fortune, fame, and monthly prizes. Babelfish is always looking for new contributors. It’s free to join so click here to start translating today.

What else does Babelfish do?

Babelfish is a comprehensive online translator – Instantly translate entire web pages, blogs or documents in a single click using our miraculous online translation software. Our incredible translator tool supports 75 languages including English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew (Yiddish), Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian, Croatian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Turkish and more! It also comes loaded with a leading dictionary, spelling and definition package. Use our simple and intuitive translation software to translate words, webpages or document formats such as Word, PDF and text. Download our amazing translation software for free and start translating now.

BabelFish Translator – Leading the World of Languages

  • Simple and intuitive combination of a one-click translation
  • Translate any language into any one of our 75 supported languages
  • Translate entire web pages and blogs
  • Translate full document formats such as Word, PDF and text
  • An editing package featuring a leading dictionary, spelling and definition package