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How do you say 1. The Board of Directors: A. Is a union authorized to negotiate wages for hospital employees B. Is board of advisors that supervises the operation of the Pink Shop C. Is a group of individuals who oversee the operation of the hospital, who have authority to hire and fire the administrator D. Is an advisory group that oversees the hospital audit 2. The employee responsible for managing the financial activities of the hospital is: A. The administrator B. The chairperson of the Board of Directors C. The chief nursing officer D. The purchasing agent E. The controller 3. Communication includes words (spoken or written), pictures, or nonverbal clues such as facial expressions, actions, and body movement to suggest meaning. A. True B. False 4. When preparing a message for another person, it is important to understand: A. The values of the person receiving the message B. The personality style of the person receiving the message C. The decision-making model of the person receiving the message D. Whether the person is a male or a female E. All of the above except D in Spanish?

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