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How do you say You Are Welcome in Spanish?

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What is the Spanish Translation for you are welcome?

you are welcome translated into Spanish is… eres bienvenido. Trying to learn Spanish? I find the best way to learn it is to use it in a sentence.

How to use You are welcome in a sentence:

  • The correct phrase is not your welcome but you are welcome.
  • La frase correcta no es su bienvenida pero eres Bienvenido. (Spanish translation)
  • You are welcome, Mam.
  • Eres Bienvenido, Mam. (Spanish translation)
  • Then I told him, you are welcome.
  • Entonces le dije, que eres Bienvenido. (Spanish translation)

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3 Translations

  1. Edward on Apr 29, 2011 Reply

    Looking at another site I found one other example sentence:
    If you have concerns about our solutions or solutions you are welcome to speak to us.
    'Si tiene dudas acerca de nuestras soluciones o soluciones que es Bienvenidos a hablar con nosotros.'

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  2. rajesh on May 02, 2011 Reply

    you are welcome in Spanish is eres bienvenido. See now was that so hard?

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  3. Robert Haydon on May 04, 2011 Reply

    Just noticed your examples for translating you are welcome into Spanish and thought i could provide a similar sentence.
    You are welcome to stay a while longer.
    'Eres Bienvenido a permanecer un tiempo más largo.'.

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