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How do you say You Are Welcome in Dutch?

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How to Translate you are welcome in Dutch

We hear from a lot of readers with questions about it. The way to say you are welcome in Dutch is.. Bent u welkom.

How to use You are welcome in a sentence:

  • You are welcome to peruse these webpages to get a sense of who we are.
  • U bent welkom om kennisnemen van deze webpagina's om een gevoel van wie we zijn. (Dutch translation)
  • The correct phrase is not your welcome but you are welcome.
  • De juiste zin is niet uw welkom maar u bent van harte welkom. (Dutch translation)
  • You are welcome, Mam.
  • U bent van harte welkom, Mam. (Dutch translation)

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Lots of people around the globe speak Dutch, but no two people pronounce you are welcome alike. Please lend a helping hand to Babelfish users with your own Dutch translations.

5 Translations

  1. Jack Wang on May 04, 2011 Reply

    Looking at another site I discovered another example sentence:
    If you have concerns about our solutions or solutions you are welcome to speak to us.
    Als u zich zorgen maakt over onze oplossingen of oplossingen bent u welkom om met ons te spreken.

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  2. David Duran on May 07, 2011 Reply

    I used an online translator to convert this:
    before: 'Then I told him, you are welcome. '
    after: "Toen vertelde ik hem, dat u bent van harte welkom."

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  3. Sidney Beckham on May 09, 2011 Reply

    Many thanks guys and gals for all the examples for you are welcome in Dutch.

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  4. Vera on Jul 19, 2012 Reply

    No no no no, it is totally wrong! Guys when you are using the translating machine yourselves why would you respond here? I think people can use that themselves and come to the same conclusion.

    The right translation is “graag gedaan”. Nobody in Holland uses “u bent van harte welkom”. Unless we want to say that someone is very welcome in our house!

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