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How do you say Miss You in Chinese?

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How to Pronounce miss you in Chinese

We get feedback from a lot of users with questions about this. The best way to say miss you in Chinese is “想念你”. The traditional Chinese phonetic pronunciation is Xiǎngniàn nǐ

How to use Miss you in a sentence:

  • I need you to know that I care and I miss you.
  • 我需要你知道我不在乎,我想念你(Chinese translation)
  • Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you.
  • 然后我意识到它是我的心告诉我我想念你(Chinese translation)
  • I miss you when you are not around.
  • 想念你,当你不在。 (Chinese translation)
  • I miss you when I need a hug and you are not around.
  • 想念你,我需要一个拥抱和你不在时。 (Chinese translation)
  • I miss you mom after I moved out of the house.
  • 后移出房子,我想念你的妈妈。 (Chinese translation)
  • Will I miss you when you are gone?
  • 当你走后我会想念你(Chinese translation)

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  1. Mackenzie Nellis on Sep 25, 2012 Reply

    Or, just “想你” should be enough. Example,

    I really really miss you honey.

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