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How do you say Nice To Meet You in Italian?

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What is the Italian Translation for nice to meet you?

nice to meet you converted to Italian is ‘Piacere di conoscerti’. Im actually still trying to learn Italian. I find the best way to remember it is to try a few sample sentences.

How to use Nice to meet you in a sentence:

  • You say nice to meet you when you are in conversion or the begginning of it.
  • Dici nice to meet you, quando sei in conversione o begginning di esso. (Italian translation)
  • Nice to meet you in person for the first time.
  • Piacere di conoscerti di persona per la prima volta. (Italian translation)
  • When she said nice to meet you I was speechless.
  • Quando ha detto nice to meet you ero senza parole. (Italian translation)
  • Nice to meet you, do you have the time to answer a few questions?
  • Piacere di conoscerti, voi avete il tempo di rispondere a qualche domanda? (Italian translation)
  • Nice to meet you, come on in and stay a while.
  • Piacere di conoscerti si, vieni dentro e rimanere un po. (Italian translation)

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