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How do you say Dating in Ukrainian?

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What is the Ukrainian spelling of dating?

dating in Ukrainian is written like… 'знайомства'. Let's come up with some example sentences for 'знайомства'.

How to use Dating in a sentence:

  • Have you ever used an online dating site?
  • Ви коли-небудь використовували сайт знайомств? (Ukrainian translation)

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5 Translations

  1. Robert Haydon on Apr 26, 2011 Reply

    dating seen in a Ukrainian example would look as Знайомства може бути складно і забирає багато часу.

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  2. Jenn on Apr 28, 2011 Reply

    I sent a message to my cousin from Ukraine, and she said that dating in Ukrainian is знайомства.

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  3. Nicholas

    on May 01, 2011 Reply

    The best way to translate dating is: 'Отримати знати про синглів на dating спільноти.'

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  4. Arora on May 03, 2011 Reply

    dating is знайомства,

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  5. Pauline Thurston on May 06, 2011 Reply

    Thought i would add my translation, it’s a little different from what the site said but i think its pretty close. I took a random English sentence and translated it.
    "And that it in a nutshell when it comes to dating, keep things simple."

    І що він в двох словах, коли справа доходить до знайомства, тримати речі простими.

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