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How do you say Dating in French?

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How can I say dating in French?

The way to say dating in French is; 'datant'.

How to use Dating in a sentence:

  • And that it in a nutshell when it comes to dating, keep things simple.
  • Et qu'il en bref lorsqu'il s'agit de datation, simplifier les choses. (French translation)
  • Get to know about singles in your dating community.
  • Apprenez à connaître singles dans votre communauté de rencontres. (French translation)
  • Have you ever used an online dating site?
  • Avez-vous jamais utilisé un site de rencontre en ligne ? (French translation)
  • Whats the best dating directory of common Matchmakers and Jewish Matchmakers?
  • Qui est le répertoire mieux datant de marieuses communs et marieuses juif ? (French translation)
  • Dating can be difficult and time consuming.
  • Datation peut être longue et difficile. (French translation)
  • So are you dating anyone?
  • Si vous sont datant n'importe qui ? (French translation)

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  1. Phoxtrot on Jun 24, 2011 Reply

    Hum, mostly wrong.

    “Dater” and it’s present participle “Datant” realy means “attributing a date of origin” and is mostly used in archeology.

    “Dating” in the sense of meeting someone in the hope of creating a romantic relationship has no direct translation.

    To meet someone : “rencontrer quelqu’un” but it realy suggest a single occurence in French so you cannot translate “I’m dating someone (recurrent)” or “I’m meeting with (recurrent)” with “rencontrer”.

    -I’m dating
    -Je fais des rencontres (meaning i’m making acquaintances with different people)

    Are you dating someone?
    -Est-ce que tu sors avec quelqu’un ?

    But you also use the same verb ‘sortir (avec)’ to say that you are already on kissing terms (or more) with someone.

    Mostly, people will not talk about it until ‘dating’ is over or has resovled into something more…

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