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How do you say Cute in Japanese?

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How do you Translate cute into Japanese

Cute in Japanese is usually translated as… "かわいい".

How to use Cute in a sentence:

  • These cute puppies had been playing happily in a pen.
  • これらのかわいい子犬は、ペンで楽しくプレイされていた。 (Japanese translation)
  • You are the so cute I could eat you.
  • あなたは、かわいい私は食べることができます。 (Japanese translation)
  • When I think of cute I do not think of you!
  • かわいいのと思うときあなたのないと思う ! (Japanese translation)

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3 Translations

  1. Carlos on Apr 24, 2011 Reply

    Thought i would add my example, it could be a little different from what babelfish said but i think its good enough. I took a random English sentence and translated it.
    "Our cute panda loves to have his photo taken."


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  2. Donald Mello on Apr 26, 2011 Reply

    I wanted to show a good example I discovered.

    from this in Engilsh: "She is as cute as a button."

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  3. Arora on Apr 27, 2011 Reply

    Cute in Japanese is かわいい.

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