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How do you say Swimming in Chinese?

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How should you translate swimming in Chinese?

Swimming in Chinese is written like – 游泳. Next we'll look at how 游泳 can be used in a sentence.

How to use Swimming in a sentence:

  • Swimming is the movement of humans and other animals move by way of water.
  • 游泳是运动的人类和其他动物移动水的方式。
  • Swimming should be taught by a qualified lifeguard in controlled atmosphere.
  • 应该由合格的救生员可控气氛中教游泳
  • There are a hand full of people that helped swimming become a well known sport.
  • 有充分的帮助成为众所周知的运动游泳的人的手。
  • I always enjoyed swimming as a child.
  • 我总是喜欢孩子游泳(Chinese translation)
  • I failed my swimming test today and will have to retake it next year.
  • 今天失败我游泳测试,并将不得不重修它明年。
  • Swimming can be a great workout with zero impact.
  • 游泳可以是很大的锻炼,无任何影响。
  • I was swimming the other day and did 15 laps of the pool.
  • 游泳另一天,并且未 15 圈的池。

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  1. Winston on Jun 28, 2011 Reply

    “Swimming” is 游泳 (in Chinese characters) or “YOUYONG” (in the Romanized spelling of standard Mandarin Chinese called “pinyin”).

    The first character, 游, is “you,” which is pronounced like “yo” in English, with–in this case–a rising tone (as if to ask a question in English, i.e., “Yo?”)

    The second character (and second syllable) is 泳/”yong.” The “o” here is what English speakers may know of as a “long ‘o'” (so this word does NOT quite rhyme with the English words “long” or “song”), so the “yo-” part of “yong” sounds like the first syllable of this word (“you”, pronounced like “yo”).

    Note: The same word, 游泳,means “swim,” “swims,” “swimming,” and “swam.”

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