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How do you say ESSAY HELP!!! in Spanish?

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Dear Family,
Hi, my name is —. I am from California in the United States. The town that i am from is Menlo Park. I live in the nearby city Newark, California. I live with my mother, stepfather, and younger sister. I have special relationship with my family. In my case, family always comes first. We all commute over a bridge to get to school and work. My mother is an Admin at a hospital. She assigns classes for medical students.The subjects that i study are biology, world studies, spanish, english, geometry, and music. Music is my favorite. I play the drums. I learned how to play when i was 10 years old. In a church that i used to attend, the pastor’s son taught me how to play. I stopped playing for two years. When i got accepted to attend my school, Mid-Peninsula, I enrolled in their music program. The first day of the music class i was at the drums again ready to play. My second favorite study is world studies. History has many things to talk about. Its also my second favorite because 12% of history is recorded so there are still many questions to ask and many answers to be discovered. I have many extracurricular activities. The main ones is my leadership group, Keystone. Keystone is a leadership group ranging from the ages 14-18. We take trips and classes to lead our community in the right path. Another one of my extracurricular activities is music at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. I create beats electronically and also play the drums. My extracurricular activities help me stay focused. I always have a friend with me at one of my activities. Currently i don’t have a job because i’m only 15. Here in the United States you have to be 16 or older to have a job. My favorite music would have to be hip-hop. I listen to a wide variety of genres. I listen to pretty much anything. Since i’m a musician myself i have to have a large musical vocabulary to educate myself in my craft. My favorite movie is titled “Juice”. I have many food favorites. I eat chinese food a lot. When i have the chance, i go for nachos. For some reason nachos are my favorite dish. I am very curious about how many people you have in your family. What are some areas in your area that are interesting? I would like to thank you very much for hosting me!

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