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How do you say The Green Goblin in Russian?

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The green goblin was ranked on wizard magazines green goblin is a villain in marvel comics comic books.  The Greenville and is the original green goblin.  This character was best known as Norman Virgil Osborn, who was spider man’s best friend.  He was driven to insanity after drinking a serum that made him stronger.  He dressed in a goblin costume and had many high tech weapons such as pumpkin bombs and he terrorized New York City.  He was a persistent foe to Spiderman if not an archenemy.

The way to say green goblin in Russian is

Зеленый Гоблин

The phonetic spelling of green goblin the in Russian is, Zelenyĭ Goblin.

The green goblin was ranked on wizard magazine’s list of the top 100 greatest villains ever list as number 19.  The green goblin first appeared in the amazing spider man comic book in 1964.
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1 Translations

  1. Cymbalta on Aug 26, 2011 Reply

    Well, the right pronunciation is zilyonyĭ goblin and not zelenyĭ goblin. It was only transliteration

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