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How do you say See you on Monday! in French?

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I’m writing my French teacher an email and I want to say “see you on Monday”. It says “rendez-vous Lundi” but I thought “rendez-vous” reffers more to going on a date?

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  1. Brecc A on Oct 06, 2014 Reply

    rendez vous can be used both in french for appointment or date, you can say as well without problem it s nice to write that just saying A lundi for see u on monday
    don t worry your teacher will understand in this context,if u mean date u can use the really familiar word who is
    rencard or sortie
    For example I date Diane
    J ai un rencard ac Diane to say actually I have a date with Diane
    ou je sors avec Diane in this context sortie can be used for couple or friends so be aware from the context,I hope it helps

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