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How do you say Printed in USA in French?

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How  do you say printed in us say in French?

The way to say printed in USA in French is, imprimés aux Etats-Unis.

The way to say United States in French is États-Unis.

The way to say the United States in French is Les États-Unis.  Directly translated, this means the state’s united.

How do you say the United States of America?  The United States of America in French is, Les États-Unis d’Amérique.

The United States of America is not a French speaking country.  The closest French speaking country to the United States is Canada.  About 1/4 Canadians speak French but the majority of Canadians speak English.  The official languages act in Canada dictates that Canada is a bilingual nation.  The Canadian official languages act is a complete waste of money and costs Canadians billions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures that are designed only to keep Quebec happy.  The official languages act pleases the French and is a drain on all working Canadians.  This legislation needs to be scrapped.

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1 Translations

  1. Alex on May 07, 2011 Reply

    Very good translation,

    But , by all means keep your ideas on Quebec for yourself. Disgracefuls and offensives, your comments only effet is to undermine your credibility.

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