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How do you say Love. Cherish. Honor. in Russian?

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I have a girlfriend in Russia and I want to learn her language

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1 Translations

  1. Dima on Nov 24, 2011 Reply

    Love – Любовь – Pronounced: Lyubov [V should be soft, like in beginning pronouncing the letter ‘v’]

    Cherish – There is no exact translation for this as a noun. As a verb:
    Лелеять – Leleyat [T pronounced softly as ‘t’ in the alphabet]
    Another and more common word for this is:
    Ласкать – Laskat [Same soft T]

    Honor – Честь – Pronounced: Chest [S and T should be soft. S should sound like the begining of pronouncing the lettter ‘c’. T also should be pronounced like the begining of pronouncing ‘t’ in the alphabet]

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