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How do you say let us look at romans 6:16,17 in French?

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Are you looking to translate a verse from the bible into another language?  If you want to translate the phrase let us look at romans 6:16 into French then the answer is here.  The translation is located in the first comment below.  If you have a different translation, then please leave a comment with your translation in it.  The translation found in the comment below, is the best possible translation we could find in French.  But some fluently French speaking people might have a different resolution for this phrase.  If you have a different translation in French for this phrase, then please tell all of us what it is.  There is no sense keeping it to yourself.

Let us look at romans six: 16, 17

This phrase, translated into French, would be:

Penchons-nous sur les Romains 6:16 et 17

Note that in French the word et means and…

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1 Translations

  1. Kristi on May 02, 2011 Reply

    How do you say let us look at Romans 6:16 and 17 in French? This is a verse from the bible. The French bible is the same as the English bible. The bible is the same in English as it is in French. The way to say, let us look at Romans 6:16, and 17, in French, is:

    penchons-nous sur les Romains 6:16 et 17.

    You can use this same translation for any other verse from the bible.

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