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How do you say “end of term evaluations” in German?

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The way to say and translate and of term evaluations into German is very simple.  The direct translation in German is


This is one of those long German words where many words are joined together to form one very long word.  Some examples of end of term evaluations used in sentence is are:

My parents will kill me when they see my end of term evaluations.  My marks are so low.

As a teacher, I can’t wait to get my end of term evaluations over with because they take so much of my time.

Some students dread seeing the end of term evaluations but other students look forward to them because they work very hard throughout the year.

The term, and of term evaluations, is another way of saying report cards.

An evaluation is an assessment of the student conducted by the teacher which usually happens at the end of the term.

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2 Translations

  1. Kristi on May 02, 2011 Reply

    You must obviously be a teacher or student. No one else would be talking about and of term evaluations. My sister is a teacher and she spends so much time doing evaluations, or, report cards, for her students.

    The way to say, end of term evaluations, In German is:

    Ende der Halbzeitbewertungen

    This is the best resolution that I know, and I speak many languages. But if you know a better translation, then please leave another comment and let me know what you think.

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  2. Jennifer Dickson on May 07, 2011 Reply

    thank you— i am a student taking ESL classes. This is for a homework assignment to see if getting a translation in this method would sufficiently work for a teacher in getting a letter to a non-english speaking student and parents.

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