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How do you say Download BabelFish Translator in Italian?

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  1. JP Botha on Dec 03, 2011 Reply

    Hi Diana

    Hope you guys had a restful night.

    Are You guys in Vegas part of the state of Nevada and fall under the Nevada constitution? Is it part of the State of California as well? So the exams I have to do will fall under Nevada and not California? Sorry for all these questions but I am as serious as can be and want to emmigrate to the States. And you are the only one I am communicating with and therefore I have only you there to give me advice and guidance. Promise to make it worth your while. How about the first 10 golfing lessons for free? LOL Just pulling your leg. But please Diana, I am very serious. Ran it by my eldest daughter and she (not very happy) encouraged me to go for it. So by the way they all think you’re a fabulous (not only the looks) lady. Even my ex wife had most beautiful and good things to say about you. Gosh and I hadly even know you? Have to admit at times I think I m crazy, but on the other hand a change is as good as a holiday. And this will probably be my last chance in doing what I s badly wanted to do some 33 years ago. Now as a friend, please tell me what do you think of mine wanting to move at my age? Your honest opinion?

    I will converse later, take care and happy selling. Will have to phone you again as I have so much still to ask?



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