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How do you say cherry sized mozzarella balls with fresh basil in French?

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The Babelfish translator is the perfect place to find translations from English to French.  This web page will translate the phrase, cherry sized mozzarella balls with fresh basil, into French.  This is an unusual phrase to translate, but it is obviously something that a chef or a coke would want to translate into French.

The way to say, Sherri sized mozzarella balls with fresh basil, in French is: cerise boules de mozzarella de taille avec du basilic frais.

Mozzarella is a type of white cheese that is frequently greeted and put onto salads and other foods.  Basil is a spice and when it is fresh it too can be put onto food.  Mozzarella balls are someone fattening but they taste extremely good.  Mozzarella balls can be translated into French.  The French translation for the phrase, mozzarella balls, is boules de mozzarella.  Directly translated this means balls of mozzarella.

Mozzarella cheese does not have to be kept refrigerated to stay fresh.

If you have a different translation for mozzarella balls or fresh basil then please leave a comment.

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1 Translations

  1. Romain N on Oct 26, 2011 Reply

    petites billes de mozarella avec du basilic frais
    petites boules de mozarella avec du basilic frais

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