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  • 东莞市, 到达 东莞速递处理中
  • Dongguan City, arrived in Dongguan express processing
  • Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that Charcoal / Carbon not subject to the provisions of the IMDG Code (under IMDG Code Special Provision 925) is declared as special cargo to the shipping lin
  • 因此,最重要的是,木炭/碳不受IMDG守则(根据IMDG代码第925条)的规定,被宣布为运输林的特殊货物
  • This enables the shipping line to arrange proper stowage on board the vessel and inform the master accordingly.
  • 这使得航运公司能够在船上安排适当的货轮,并相应地通知船长。
  • The self heating test certificate for the consignment is required to accompany the shipment and it is recommended that the certificate should be valid for a period of no more than 6 months.
  • 货物的自热测试证书需随发货,建议有效期不超过6个月。
  • Hear are eyes
  • 听到的是眼睛
  • 裘震依,
  • Yu Zhenyi,
  • 马六甲岛是一个很棒的地方参观
  • Malacca Island is a great place to visit
  • The Isle of Man is a fab place to visit
  • 马六甲岛是一个很棒的地方参观
  • satoshi nakamoto
  • satoshi nakamoto
  • 心理战
  • psychological warfare
  • 直播电视上巨大的黑色臭云污染了我的大男孩尿布
  • The huge black skunk clouds on live TV contaminated my big boy's diapers
  • Excellent job today Maybol!! I love teaching this lesson and loved seeing you hug and kiss Mom! It was so sweet! You are an excellent student! Today we learned the words [hug] and [kiss]. We had fun h
  • 今天干得好梅博尔!!我喜欢教这节课,也喜欢看到你拥抱和亲吻妈妈!太甜蜜了!你是一个优秀的学生!今天我们学会了"拥抱"和"亲吻"这两个词。我们玩得很开心
  • mayu
  • mayu
  • 超超超超超级好好好好
  • Super super super super good good
  • Video result for chinese story
    小象在都市 : Learn Chinese(Mandarin) with subtitles - Story for Children ...
    YouTube · bookboxinc
    Video result for chinese story
  • Video result for chinese story
    Baby Elephant in the City : Learn Chinese (Mandarin) with captions - Story for Children ...
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    Video result for chinese story
  • 我是傻逼 哈哈
  • I'm stupid, haha
  • 小师叔, 好帅!
  • Uncle Shi, so handsome!
  • 哥本哈根 到达寄达地
  • Copenhagen arrives at the place of arrival
  • peenusweenus
  • 佩努斯韦努斯
  • 【美国】包裹已离开美国中转中心,正发往下一站,
  • The package has left the U.S. transit center and is heading to the next stop,
  • Translation incorrect.
    Please message in native language. Mandarin?

    I’m not sure what the problem is.
    What is “lamp beads”? Do you mean L.E.D.?
    What is “accessories”?
  • 翻译不正确。

  • Translation incorrect.
    Please use native language.
  • 翻译不正确。
  • 瑞典, 【瑞典】安排投递
  • Sweden, Sweden arrange delivery
  • 三人皆穿着破旧的粗布衣裳,小女孩的花衣裳已经旧的瞧不出来什么花样。
  • All three were wearing worn-out cloth clothes, and the little girl's flower clothes were old enough to see what the pattern was.
  • MFXA50 amplifier CIRCUIT
  • MFXA50 放大器电路
  • 喻哓红会计师事务所微信号已成立,7709867055,有需要可加微信联系
  • Yu 哓 Red accounting firm Microsignal has been established, 7709867055, there is a need to add WeChat contact
  • dirty
  • 我的屁股洞在直播电视上发生了巧克力核爆炸.”
  • My ass hole exploded on live TV with a chocolate nucleus."
  • 《长城》斥巨资拍摄,但最后电影成片在烂番茄和豆瓣的评分都非常低,是否可以由此推出中国在与好莱坞合作中只提供了过多的经济支持,而没有文化加分?
  • "The Great Wall" spent a lot of money on filming, but the final film in rotten tomatoes and pods are very low ratings, can it be introduced that China in cooperation with Hollywood only provided too much financial support, without cultural bonus points?
  • 以下是我的个人信息,请您确认,谢谢
  • The following is my personal information, please confirm, thank you
  • 我在直播电视上把内衣变成了胆汁工厂.
  • I turned my underwear into a bile factory on live TV.
  • 广东省东莞市东莞国际邮件处理中心, 离开【东莞国际邮件处理中心】,下一站【东莞国际邮件处理中心】
  • Dongguan International Mail Processing Center, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, leaving The Dongguan International Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Dongguan International Mail Processing Center
  • 广东省东莞市东莞国际邮件处理中心, 已交承运商运输
  • Dongguan International Mail Processing Center, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, has been handed over to the carrier transport
  • Cynic
  • 犬儒
  • Tìm kiếm miền tương tự với
  • Tìm kiếm miền tương tự với
  • 到达美国


    上海市, 【电商礼泉路揽投部】已收寄,揽投员:汤克洲,电话
  • Arrive in the United States

    Leave China

    Shanghai, "E-commerce Liquan Road Solicitor' Department" has been received, solicitor: Tang Kezhou, telephone
  • 宁波市, 离开【宁波国际邮件处理中心】,下一站【宁波交换站】
  • Ningbo City, leave Ningbo International Mail Processing Center, next stop Ningbo Exchange Station
  • Your neck has no movement of swallowing the food.
  • 你的脖子没有吞咽食物的动作。
  • 静けさ - #2
  • Quiet けさ - #2
  • 好舍不得的老师
  • What a reluctant teacher
  • Do you hear a strange sound
  • 你听到奇怪的声音了吗
  • 您好,我现在有事不在,一会儿再和您联系
  • Hello, I'm not in business right now, I'll get back to you later
  • 肌肉酸軟
  • Muscle acid
  • 山东齐鲁化纺有限公司
  • Shandong Qilu Textile Co., Ltd
    April 14, 2021
  • 説明書
  • It's clear
  • 第一口井
  • The first well
  • Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with patents in general, I am actually glad to see this. I think people underestimate the R+D that manufacturers like Slice Engineering and E3D put into their hot ends
  • 虽然我不一定同意专利一般,我其实很高兴看到这一点。我认为人们低估了像切片工程和E3D这样的制造商投入热端的R+D
  • 可能这种胸部就是所谓的按着蛋蛋画出来的结果吧。但依然能冲!
  • Maybe this chest is the result of the so-called egg painting. But still can rush!
  • 已经做好资料待上机织片,因机器出现故障正在维修,预计要下礼拜三左右才能完成,如可能我们会争取更快完成寄出,谢谢!
  • Has done a good job of information to be machined pieces, due to machine failure is being repaired, is expected to be completed next Wednesday or so, if possible we will strive to complete the faster delivery, thank you!
  • Does the doctor treat the patient
  • 医生治疗病人吗
  • The doctor treats the patient
  • 医生治疗病人
  • Does the doctor treat the patient?
  • 医生治疗病人吗?
  • The doctor treats the patient.)
  • 医生治疗病人。
  • 瑞典, 离开【瑞典】处理中心
  • Sweden, leave the Sweden processing center
  • It isn't the doctor who treats the patient.
    It isn't the patient who is treated by the doctor.
    Isn't it the doctor who treats the patient?
    Isn't it the patient who is treated by the doctor?
  • 治疗病人的不是医生。
  • The doctor doesn’t treats the patient.
    Doesn't the doctor treat the patient?
    The patient is not treated by the doctor.
    Isn't the patient treated by the doctor?
    It isn't the doctor who treats the pati
  • 医生不治疗病人。
  • Ji Ze Rui Sui
  • Ji Ze Rui Sui
  • devastatingly beautiful
  • 毁灭性的美丽
  • hookup
  • 联播
  • 牛油
  • butter
  • 食用牛油
  • Edible butter
  • 美丽的声音
  • Beautiful sound
  • I approve
  • 我同意
  • 你的篮球比赛飞得和山一样高...雷鸣般的扣篮
  • Your basketball game flies as high as a mountain... Thunderous dunks
  • Your basketball game flies as high as the mountain...with thunderous slam dunks
  • 你的篮球比赛飞得和山一样高...雷鸣般的扣篮
  • 霓裳羽衣曲
  • Neon feathers
  • Ni shang yu yi qu
  • Ni shang yu yi qu
  • 䵁䍁䕋
  • 䵁䍁䕋
  • Sonovia’s SonoMask™ has been a game-changer in transforming the role of mask fabrics from passive barriers to actively-shielding fabrics. Independent lab tests have shown that the fabric used in Sonov
  • 索诺维亚的索诺马斯克™在将面罩织物的作用从被动屏障转变为主动屏蔽面料方面改变了游戏规则。独立实验室测试表明,索诺夫使用的织物
  • Yikes
  • 伊克斯
  • 會計部和報關同事已審查了, 請用這更新的發票清關, 謝謝
  • The Department and colleagues have 審 checked, please use this updated ticketing clearance, thank you
  • 經典休閒
  • It's a holiday break
  • 簡單的A4黑色白色設計手提袋
    您可以將其用作書包或上班族的書包。 外出時帶上雨傘和水也很方便。 在商場購物時也可以用作購物袋
  • 簡單的A4黑色白色設計手提袋
    50D 大于点,層点位,点位,网络
  • 已收寄,揽投员:陈环,电话: 15083863799
  • Received, Solicitor: Chen Ring, Tel: 15083863799
  • 南昌市, 离开 南昌国际营销中心,下一站 南昌国际邮件处理中心
  • Nanchang City, leave Nanchang International Marketing Center, the next stop Nanchang International Mail Processing Center
  • 户⼝:天津 | 政治⾯貌:中共党员(含预备党员)
  • Hukou: Tianjin | Political Landscape: Communist Party members (including reserve party members)
  • 现居住地:天津
  • Current residence: Tianjin
  • 讓東方說話
  • Let's talk
    Let the East speak
  • 於節日及推廣活動期間,加強店面裝飾提昇銷售氣氛
  • In the days and during the 廣 activity period, the store will be enhanced飾 the sale of fragrances will be promoted
  • 於特別節日及推廣活動期間,加強店面裝飾提昇銷售氣氛
  • On special days and during the 廣 activity period, we will strengthen the storefront 飾 promote the sale of fragrances
  • 新增1間道具供應商
  • Added 1 new prop for merchants
  • Introducing Meowcoin, an advanced cryptocurrency on the Stellar Network designed for improving the lives of not just little meowers, but ALL animals.

    Transactions take just 3 to 5 seconds and cost le
  • 引入Meowcoin,恒星网络上的一种高级加密货币,旨在改善不仅小喵星人的生活,而且改善所有动物的生活。

  • 在本协议有效期内以及本协议有效期届满或终止后五(5)年内,乙方不得将客户的员工招聘到其他的公司。
  • Party B shall not recruit customer employees to other companies during the validity period of this Agreement and for five (5) years after the expiration or termination of this Agreement.
  • Code
  • 法典
  • 上海市, 到达【上海王港邮件处理中心】(经转
  • Shanghai, arrived at the Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center (via transfer).
  • hello, beautiful voice
  • 你好,美丽的声音
  • 㱨瑭氾ഊഊഊഊ㱃䕎呅刾ഊ㱡⁨牥昽≨瑴瀺⼯桴⹬礯灷㝷㌰牅浹礢㸼業朠獲挽≨瑴灳㨯⽷睷ㄳ⸰空〮捯洯㈰㈱⼰㐯ㄳ⼰㐯㐶㔳㈶〷ㄮ橰朢㸼⽡㸍਼⽃䕎呅刾�
  • 㱨瑭氾ഊഊഊഊ㱃䕎呅刾ഊ㱡⁨牥昽≨瑴瀺⼯桴⹬礯灷㝷㌰牅浹礢㸼業朠獲挽≨瑴灳㨯⽷睷ㄳ⸰空〮捯洯㈰㈱⼰㐯ㄳ⼰㐯㐶㔳㈶〷ㄮ橰朢㸼⽡㸍਼⽃䕎呅刾�
  • 东莞市, 到达【东莞速递处理中心】
  • Dongguan City, arrived at the Dongguan Express Processing Center
  • 目的国 美国
  • Destination Country United States
  • Zuo San Niang , Liang Shan Bo San Nv Jiang Zhong Pai Ming Zui Gao De Nv Tou Ling 。
  • Zuo San Niang , Liang Shan Bo San Nv Jiang Zhong Pai Ming Zui Gao De Nv Tou Ling 。
  • 最近身体小恙,不是新冠大家勿担心。初期疼痛难忍,让我的生活一片灰暗。不仅坐立不安,夜不能眠,连孩子和家人更是顾不到了。
  • Recently the body is small, not the new crown everyone should not worry. The initial pain was unbearable and made my life a grey one. Not only fidgeting, sleepless at night, even children and family members can not care.
  • 剛才有人嘗試使用您的密碼,透過非 Google 應用程式登入您的帳戶。Google 已加以封鎖,但建議您盡快查明原因。請檢查帳戶活動,確保其他人無法存取您的帳戶。
  • Someone has just used your secret to log in to your computer through a non-Google app. Google has sealed the 鎖, but you 盡 find out why. Check your activity to make sure that other people have access to your device.
  • Dongguanshi beiboyaofushi youxiangongsi
  • Dongguanshi beiboyaofushi youxiangongsi
  • Dongguanshi beiboyaofushi youxiangongsi
  • 东莞石北博耀福石友祥贡西
  • Dongguanshi
  • 东莞石