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  • 离开【慈溪市国际客户跨境揽投部】,下一站【宁波国际】
  • Leave [Cixi International Customer Cross-border Investment Department], the next stop【Ningbo International】
  • mild
  • 轻微
  • steroid
  • 类固醇
  • inflamed skin
  • 皮肤发炎
  • 您好,E小福一直都在的,有什么可以帮您
  • Hello, E Xiaofu is always there, how can I help you
  • [US] 运输,快件在该国内转运中
    2023-03-27 08:37:18
  • [US] Shipping, express shipments are in transit within the country
    2023-03-27 08:37:18
  • Do you speak Arabic
  • 你会说阿拉伯语吗
  • 在下狠人是也!
  • Under the ruthless people is also!
  • Count
  • 计数
  • 快件离开处理中心【香港】
    Mar 26 2023 01:56 pm
  • 快件离开处理中心【香港】
    3月 26 2023 01:56 下午
  • kasi
  • kasi
  • 壹号物流
  • No.1 Logistics
  • 快件离开处理中心【香港】
    Mar 26 2023 06:18 pm
  • 快件离开处理中心【香港】
    3月 26 2023 06:18 下午
  • 我公司预计3月中旬进行扩产
  • We expect to expand production in mid-March
  • 本集團對屬於營業租賃出租之不動產、廠房及設備係辦公大樓。本集團簽訂營業租賃合約,民國一一一年及一一○年十二月三十一日將收取之未折現之租賃給付及剩餘年度之總金額如下:
  • 本集團對屬於營業租賃出租之不動產、廠房及設備係辦公大樓。本集團簽訂營業租賃合約,民國一一一年及一一○年十二月三十一日將收取之未折現之租賃給付及剩餘年度之總金額如下:
  • Maat dei san
  • Maat dei san
  • Maat3 dei6 san4
  • Maat3 dei6 san4
  • 【加拿大】已妥投:
  • 【Canada】Delivered:
  • 【荆州市荆州区寄递事业部小北门营业部】已收寄,揽投员:钱乾,电话:
  • 【Jingzhou City Jingzhou District Delivery Division Xiaobeimen Business Department】 has been received and sent, investment officer: Qian Qian, telephone:
  • 东莞市,快件离开处理中心 东莞市
  • Dongguan City, Express Departure Processing Center Dongguan City
  • ,快件到达处理中心,
  • , the express arrives at the processing center,
  • I hope that your dog is well
  • 我希望你的狗一切安好
  • 深圳市 货物离开操作中心
  • Shenzhen City The goods leave the operation center
  • 单机功率必须与当地电网容量相适应,一般不超过电网容量的6~10%,许多国家常用的单机功率为300~600兆瓦
  • The stand-alone power must be compatible with the local grid capacity, generally not exceeding 6~10% of the grid capacity, and the stand-alone power commonly used in many countries is 300~600 MW
  • 采用燃气-蒸汽联合循环
    • 4.提高机组自动化水平
  • Gas-steam combined cycle is adopted
    • 4. Improve the automation level of the unit
  • 暂态
  • Transient
  • 適用12米長大型車 EX:遊覽車、巴士、公車
  • Suitable for 12-meter large cars EX: tours, buses, buses
  • 啟動環景系統監看環境四周
  • Start the ambient system to monitor the surroundings of the environment
  • RTOS系統5-7秒開機後自動進入環景畫面,可立即查看四周
  • The RTOS system automatically enters the surrounding screen after booting in 5-7 seconds, and can immediately view the surroundings
  • 輕鬆協助駕駛判斷是否有障礙物靠近車輛旁
  • Easily assist the driver in determining if there is an obstacle near the vehicle
  • 深圳集散中心 已收货
  • Shenzhen Distribution Center has received the goods
  • 快件到达处理中心
    Mar 25 2023 11:29 pm
  • The shipment arrives at the processing center
    Mar 25 2023 11:29 pm
    Arrive at [Shanghai Processing Center] Shanghai
  • genetic improvement To resistance increasing salinity in rice plant.
  • 遗传改良 以增加水稻植物的盐度。
  • 快件到达处理中心【香港】
    Mar 23 2023 09:04 am
    · 香港
    Mar 21 2023 02:51 pm
    · 深圳
  • Express Arrival Processing Center【Hong Kong】
    Mar 23 2023 09:04 am
    · Hong Kong
    Express mail leaving processing center【Shenzhen】
    Mar 21 2023 02:51 pm
    · Shenzhen
  • 济南市, 离开【济南市国际互换局】,下一站【山东省寄递事业部济南市航空中心】(经转)
  • Jinan City, leave [Jinan International Exchange Bureau], next stop [Shandong Province Delivery Division Jinan Aviation Center] (via transfer)
  • To US
    东莞市, 离开【东莞市国际公司直属国际营业部】,下一站【广商中心】
  • To US
    Dongguan City, leave [Dongguan International Company Direct International Business Department], the next stop【Guangshang Center】
  • تخطف قلبي كالعاده
  • تخطف قلبي كالعاده
  • 快件离开处理中心【东莞市】
    Mar 24 2023 03:41 am
  • Express mail leaves the processing center【Dongguan City】
    Mar 24 2023 03:41 am
    Dongguan City
  • 您好,我还是登录不了,还是等着解决吧,这样的话,我要是错过上传poster的时间,是不是就不能参加这个会议了
  • Hello, I still can't log in, let's wait to solve it, in this case, if I miss the time to upload the poster, will I not be able to participate in this meeting
  • 您好,附件是poster,麻烦您了,谢谢
  • Hello, the attachment is poster, trouble you, thank you
  • 这是一部新手机。我是农民不是作家
  • This is a new phone. I am a farmer, not a writer
  • 嗨,我很抱歉,我没有得到你的名字?



  • Hi, I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?

    We would like you to host the workshop.

    Did you receive your proposal?

    Cordial regards,
  • 东莞市,东莞市, 快件离开处理中心【东莞市】
  • Dongguan City, Dongguan City, Express Departure Processing Center【Dongguan City】
  • O my Celestial Mama, do You know what adored Jesus wants from You? Nothing but your last blessing. It is true that from every particle of your being nothing but blessings and praises come out for your
  • 我的天上妈妈啊,你知道耶稣想要从你那里得到什么吗?只不过是你最后的祝福。的确,从你存在的每一个粒子中,只有祝福和赞美出来为你
  • The night shift duty boss is it permanent or only temporary
  • 夜班值班老板是永久的还是暂时的
  • Yes boss I will, but I have a concern to ask and say boss
  • 是的,老板我会的,但我有一个顾虑要问和说老板
  • Boss I just recieved an update regarding our new schedule having night shifts starting today
  • 老板,我刚刚收到有关我们从今天开始上夜班的新时间表的更新
  • Boss this is Dom, I just recieved an update regarding our new schedule starting today
  • 老板,这是Dom,我刚刚收到有关我们从今天开始的新时间表的更新
  • 模糊
  • 感谢您拥有我们
  • Thank you for having us
  • 你住在澳大利亞?
  • Do you live in Australia?
  • 你應該在海外留過學吧?
  • You should have studied abroad, right?
  • 你在佛罗里达有我的备用卧室吗,还是现在问还为时过早?
  • Do you have my spare bedroom in Florida, or is it too early to ask?
  • Do you have a spare bedroom for me in Florida, or is this too early to ask?
  • 你在佛罗里达有我的备用卧室吗,还是现在问还为时过早?
  • 我在佛罗里达州
  • I'm in Florida
  • 快件到达处理中心【东莞市】
  • Express arrival at processing center【Dongguan City】
  • 离开【东莞市国际公司直属国际营业部】,下一站【广商中心】
    Mar 25 2023 05:59 am
  • Leave [Dongguan International Company Direct International Business Department], the next stop【Guangshang Center】
    Mar 25 2023 05:59 am
    Dongguan City
  • US, 快件到达处理中心
  • US, the shipment arrives at the processing center
  • 到达【东莞速递处理中心普服车间
  • Arrive at the general service workshop of Dongguan Express Processing Center
  • Hello I am Layla nice to meet you
  • 你好,我是莱拉,很高兴认识你
  • 这名字有封建思想,想中科举
  • This name has a feudal ideology, and I want to win the imperial examination
  • 快件在该国内转运中
  • Express shipments are in transit within the country
  • 看到那個父親有打點
  • Seeing that father had dots
  • set a respawn point idiot
  • 设置重生点白痴
  • 快件到达处理中心【深圳处理中心】
  • Express arrival at processing center【Shenzhen processing center】
  • 大学生小于的父亲对记者说
  • The father of the college student told reporters
  • 种基于环境相似性的大米稳定同位素空间推测方法
  • A spatial estimation method of stable isotopes of rice based on environmental similarity
  • 快件离开处理中心
    Mar 23 2023 10:25 pm
  • The shipment leaves the processing center
    Mar 23 2023 10:25 pm
    Leave [Wenzhou Processing Center] and make the next stop [Shanghai Processing Center] Wenzhou
  • 已收寄,揽投员:尚超,电话
  • Received and sent, investment officer: Shang Chao, telephone
  • can you show me samples with logo that you've already made?
  • 你能给我看一下你已经制作的带有标志的样品吗?
  • Айганым Баймуратова
  • Айганым Баймуратова
  • Hello! how much does it cost to do one sample with logo? before purchasing in bulk.
  • 你好!用徽标做一个样品需要多少钱?在批量购买之前。
  • 위 찬양과 함께 늘 내 마음 속에서, 내 입에서 흘러나오며 흥얼거리던 이 찬양
  • 위 찬양과 함께 늘 내 마음 속에서, 내 입에서 흘러나오며 흥얼거리던 이 찬양
  • 深圳,快件到达处理中心【深圳】
  • Shenzhen, express arrival processing center【Shenzhen】
  • 3. INJUNCTION. Recipient agrees that breach of this Agreement would cause Discloser irreparable injury,
    for which monetary damages would not provide adequate compensation, and that in addition to any
  • 3. 禁令。接收方同意,违反本协议将导致披露方无法弥补的损害,
  • General tso
  • 曹将军
  • 货物离开操作中心
    2023-03-22 16:01:07
  • The goods leave the operation center
    2023-03-22 16:01:07
  • 启运
  • Kick off
  • お世話になります。



  • お世話になります。

    ライセンスキーを入力すると「認証台数上限に達しているため、認証できません。 認証するためには、他のコンピューターの認証を解除してください。」 と表示されます。


  • Finished box size
    9.5 inches wide (basically the current height)
    7.5 inches tall
    Current box depth is good
  • 成品盒尺寸
  • We want the game to fit in the box like this, with the game cards folded. The new box needs to be a little larger than the game cards.
  • 我们希望游戏像这样放在盒子里,游戏卡折叠起来。新盒子需要比游戏卡大一点。
  • sunglasses pouch
  • 太阳镜袋
  • Zhu ni men wan an
  • Zhu ni men wan an
  • Zhu ni men wan an, bie shui tai wan le
  • Zhu ni men wan an, bie shui tai wan le
  • 如果在乎.时间算什么[强]
  • If you care. What is time [strong]
  • infant industry
  • 幼稚产业
  • 尊敬的 David:
    感谢您在亚马逊购物。亚马逊卖家 andrui 向您发送了关于您为其提供的卖家反馈的消息。
  • Dear David,
    Thank you for shopping on Amazon. Amazon seller Andrui sent you a message about the seller feedback you provided to them.
  • 输入增益/幻象供电
  • Input gain/phantom power
  • 音箱管理器(10 段动态均衡器、延时器、高低通滤波器)、限幅器;
  • Speaker manager (10-band dynamic equalizer, delay, high-pass filter), limiter;
  • 我想多上几天
  • I want to spend a few more days
  • 嗨,冰,你能告诉我德克萨斯州的首府是什么吗?
  • Hi Bing, can you tell me what is the capital of Texas?
  • Hi bing, can you tell me what the capital of the state of Texas is?
  • 嗨,冰,你能告诉我德克萨斯州的首府是什么吗?
  • 发自我的手机
  • Sent to my phone
  • 术后定期随访,10余天前患者于当地医院查巡尿系彩超示
  • Regular follow-up after surgery, more than 10 days ago, the patient checked the urine color ultrasound in the local hospital
    "Atrophy in the kidneys.
  • 右侧输尿管扩张术
  • Right ureteral dilation
  • 右侧输尿管上段走形区软组织密度结节病输尿管梗阻、扩张
  • Soft tissue density sarcoidosis, sarcoidosis, ureteral obstruction and dilation in the upper right ureter
  • 济南一达科技产品有限公司
  • Jinan Yida Technology Products Co., Ltd
  • Tiananmen Square never forget! Revolt against the communist party that makes you a slave for views.
  • 天安门广场永远不会忘记!反抗共产党,使你成为观点的奴隶。
  • 目的地转运
  • Destination transshipment
  • 快件离开处理中心【深圳】
  • Express mail leaving processing center【Shenzhen】